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How to save Bookmarks, Filters and User Preferences in UVMS


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In UVC 6.10, a new button called "Centralize User Preferences" appears when Login to UVMS.

How does this work?

Do end-users still need to backup their localsettings and bookmarks before upgrading UVC Webconsole as it was done in previous versions or can this feature replace this need?


New feature in 6.10.x


Release : 6.10

Component : Univiewer Console


We strongly suggest to enable the "Central User Preferences" when using UVC/UVMS on version 6.10.x and superior, this will avoid losing the bookmarks, filters or User preferences like when starting the UVC from a different Windows workstation or using the webconsole or webstart instead of the Standalone one.

Please check the instructions from the documentation:

Centralized User Preferences 

Check this box to centralize in UVMS database in the table UNI_UV_USERSETTINGS (in addition to the local storage on this workstation) your user preferences from UVC Administration mode, your bookmarks and your lists filters. This way, if you use another workstation, you can recover your user preferences by checking this box the next time you log in. Several situations occur:

  • If you check this box and your user preferences do not exist in UVMS, your local user preferences will be centralized in UVMS database.
  • If you check this box and your user preferences already exist in UVMS, you will find them in UVC. Your central user preferences in UVMS will be migrated locally and overwrite your local user preferences.
  • If you have already checked this box for the previous connection of this login on this UVMS on this work station, it will appear checked.
  • If you do not want to use your centralized user preferences on this workstation, uncheck the box.

User preferences are stored locally in two files:

  • localsettings.xml contains the user preferences from the administration mode and lists filters.
  • bookmarks.xml contains the bookmarks.

Additional Information

Additionally, there are three new commands in the UVMS 6.10.x and superior that allow to import/export and delete the user preferences from UVMS database.