Uprocs calling specific Windows binaries fail after migrating to another server


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CA Automic Dollar Universe


A new Dollar Universe node is installed in a new Windows Server (2019) to replace another Windows node in a Windows Server 2012 that will be decommissioned.

The node of the old node is not the same of the new node.

When launching Uprocs that call some specific binaries after having deployed the objects to this new node, some of them fail generating "Could not Submit" without any Job Log and some others fail with a Job Log.


Bad Uproc configuration ( Interactive Mode enabled when it should not) and Environment (Windows 2019 not compatible with the old binaries).

Investigation steps require adding in the uproc scripts @echo on and also launching the very same command in a cmd launched as the user launching the Submission Account.


Release : 6.x


OS: Windows


All problems were related to the incompatibility of the binaries with the new Server version and node name, binaries had to be recompiled.

Three problems:

1. Some Jobs had the option "Interactive Job" ticked when being launching with a submission account that was Localsystem - this would not work and needs to have the option Unticked

2. The binaries that were working in Windows 2012 R2 were not compatible with Windows 2019 - this could be checked by lanching the same command as Administrator on the Windows 2019 and realizing that Windows Smartscreen blocks and deletes the binary as considered as Non Safe - this could be fixed by modifying the Compatibility Options of the .exe and map it to Windows 8.

3. The binaries in compatibility mode would not work with the new node name, only with the old node name - this was due to the fact that the node name had been hard-coded in the binaries and they had to be recompiled to accept the new node name.