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Cisco Catalyst device not showing all serial number information under NRM_LineCardData


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CA Spectrum


For Cisco 65XX Catalyst switch some module's serial number are not reflecting in SRM, though they are showing in Spectrum Entity View



SRM serial numbers are populated from NRM_LineCardData attribute.


Release : 10.4.x

Component : Spectrum Reporting


This device is is supporting proprietary CISCO-STACK-MIB.mib which also has the ENTITY_MIB.mib.

For collecting chassis information Spectrum gives priority to proprietary CISCO-STACK-MIB.mib and that's the reason ChassisMgr attribute is linked to CATStackApp model handle.

In this case NRM_LineCardData is derived from CISCO-STACK-MIB.mib (NOT from ENTITY_MIB) . This is functioning as designed.

There is an enhancement that uses ENTITY_MIB as first priority for populating the NRM_LineCardData and will be available in  21.2.4 .

The release  21.2.4 will be GA'ed tentatively in October 2021.