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Package Status By Package Server Report Shows Duplicate Package Names Making it Impossible to Tell Which Package Belongs to which Bulletin


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Patch Management Solution


Take for example MSNS21-07-MRNET-5004333 (released on 7/29/2021) and MSNS21-08-MRNET-5004333 (released on 8/10/2021).

MSNS21-07-MRNET-5004333 lists the updates windows10.0-kb5004333-x64-ndp48-1909.msu and windows10.0-kb5004333-x64-ndp48-1909.msu

MSNS21-08-MRNET-5004333 lists the updates windows10.0-kb5004333-v2-x64-ndp48-1909.msu and windows10.0-kb5004333-v2-x64-ndp48-1909.msu

Notice in the screenshot above, the software update shows v2.  When you want to make sure the downloaded updates are on your site servers, you may run the default report:  Package Status By Package Server.

Notice in the report results shown above, you have no way to tell which package name belongs to which bulletin.


Unfortunately, Microsoft did not change the update names between the two bulletins.  The default report pulls data from vRM_Package_Item.  That view only contains the package name which does not show the v2 naming portion.  So that is why you can't differentiate between the two.


Release: 8.x

Component: Patch Management Solution


This is working by design.  The reports are working fine.  Hopefully Microsoft can name some of their updates differently so you can tell which package name belongs to which bulletin.