How to configure EEM to use Active Directory for users


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CA Workload Automation AE


Need to know how to add Active Directory users into EEM


Release : All

Component : Embedded Entitlements Manager


Here are the steps to add Active Directory users into EEM:

1) Log into EEM as the EiamAdmin user

2) Click on the Configure tab

3) Click on the User Store link

4) Click on User Store in the User Store sub-window

5) Click on the radio button next to Reference from an external LDAP Directory

6) Select Basic LDAP Directory in the Configuration Type: field

7) Click on the Add external LDAP directory link

8) Enter the hostname of your Active Directory machine

9) Enter the port# that your Active Directory is using

10) Click on the right facing arrow to add the information in the Selected Hostnames section

11) Select the protocol that you are using in Active Directory

12) Enter the Base DN

13) Enter the User DN

14) Enter the password in the User Password and Confirm Password fields

15) Click on the Save button

After doing the above steps, it should show your ldap information with a green checkmark in a circle