Advanced reporting exporting ad hoc view reports showing blank


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Clarity PPM SaaS


When running Advanced Reporting Ad Hoc View for the a report called "Task list by project by resource", the report will display on the Ad Hoc viewer, but when exporting file to csv or pdf, the file shows blank. This is happening with some Ad Hoc reports however not all reports. I ran another report today and was able to export the results on that one without issue.



Release : 15.9.3



When analyzing the Ad Hoc View reports in crosstab format, measure must be included in a crosstab as either a row or a column -- that is, you can add one or more measures to the crosstab as columns, or add one or more measures to the crosstab as rows, but you cannot have one measure as a column and another as a row in the same crosstab. We tested and confirmed the Ad Hoc View crosstab report worked for when adding the measure to the report.

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