Moving existing TDM 4.8.1 TDM Installation over to a new Windows 2016 Server machine


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


We have a new server with Windows 2016 Server. We need instructions for moving our production TDM 4.8.1 installation over to our new server. We need to have the two servers running in parallel, for validation, before replacing the old server with the new server. It's important we migrate our existing GTREP database data, as well as OrientDB data, to the new server for our validation testing.



Release : 4.8

Component : TDM Web Portal



The recommendation is to do the following:

  1. Have your DBA take a new backup of the existing GTREP database to a file

  2. Create a new schema that can be used for your new GTREP Database instance, for example, GTREP_NEW

  3. Restore the GTREP backup file to the new schema, GTREP_NEW

  4. At the same time, stop the OreintDB service on your old Portal server, and make a backup of the %ProgramData%\CA\CA Test Data Manager\
    • objects
    • orientdb

  5. Install TDM 4.8.1 portal on your new server. The installation will ask for the repository connection information. Provide the necessary information to connect to the GREP_NEW schema.

    Note: Do not have the installation media start the CA Test Data Manager Portal service, by unchecking the Start TDM Portal checkbox

  6. Launch the Windows Services, and stop the OrientDB service

  7. Copy the backup OrientDB files from the old %ProgramData%\CA\CA Test Data Manager Portal to the new server

  8. Restart the OrientDB service and CA Test Data Manager Portal services

  9. Login into Portal and verify the Self_service tiles are present.

NOTE: Be mindful of the limitations Windows Server OS has on hostname restrictions.

NOTE: if making changes to the hostname of the machine where TDM Portal is installed, you will need to modify the %ProgramFiles%\CA\CA Test Data Manager Portal\conf\ file, and restart the CA Test Data Manager Portal service. Also, check the system environment variables for the TDM_PORTAL_URL variable, this will also need to use the new hostname. If you are using TDoD, you will also need to modify the C:Grid-Tools\TDoD\TDOD_WebUI\Web.config file.