Failed dependencies reported for older JRE versions - Linux
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Failed dependencies reported for older JRE versions - Linux


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Data Loss Prevention


After upgrading from a previous DLP version, some dependencies are reported when trying to remove the older JRE.

For example, when upgrading from 15.7 to 15.8 (installed openjre 282) then attempting to remove the 15.7 RPMs the following message was reported:

$ rpm -e symantec-dlp-server-jre-1-8-0-202-
error: Failed dependencies: is needed by (installed) symantec-dlp-15-8-00000-detection-server-15.8.00100-01075.x86_64 is needed by (installed) symantec-dlp-15-8-00000-detection-server-15.8.00100-01075.x86_64

The /opt/adoptopenjre path in the migration was specified and DLP looks to be using that instance of java.

You may be wondering if you can force remove (rpm -e --nodeps) the symantec-dlp-server-jre-1-8-0-202- installation.


Release : (example provided is 15.5, but this generally applies to any third-party software package.)

Component :


It is recommended to always verify any dependencies before force removal of older versions. Some libraries may not be replicated but software may still require them as well.

In the example, the DLP Product requires the .so in question and has dependencies on previous versions.

Do not remove when dependencies are reported.

Additional Information

HOW TO check product dependencies:

# rpm -q --whatrequires <software name>

Where you replace <software name> with the Symantec Software package name