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Apache Tomcat Questions - two versions for 14.0 Web Viewer?


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Output Management Web Viewer


I maintain the Web Viewer 14 install and I am seeing two different versions of APACHE TOMCAT. Here are the parms for CATALINA_HOME and _BASE


Seems like the HOME is pulling in 9.0.48 which is done by symbolic   

BPXM023I (CAWEBVWR) CATC0002I CA-CCS Tomcat started in: 12019 ms (Apache Tomcat/9.0.48)

and CATALINA_BASE is pulling in 9.0.37


It does not look right to me so I am trying to understand what is the difference.




Release : 14.0

Component : CA Output Management Web Viewer


CATALINA_HOME is the root of the tomcat installation.

CATALINA_BASE is the root of the runtime configuration for a specific tomcat instance.  In this case, the instance used for Web Viewer r14.

If you look at how the CLASSPATH is set in STDENV, all the tomcat jars are loaded from ${CATALINA_HOME}/bin except for tomcat-juli.jar.  If you look at how the LIBPATH is set, it’s ${CATALINA_HOME}"/lib that gets added.

So, it’s CATALINA_HOME that is used for tomcat (except for tomcat-juli.jar).