Recycling the RPC Daemon to restore Web Services


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The following article describes how to recycle the RPC (Remote Procedure Call) process by itself, which is used for web services requests as well as in any web services based integrations, including PAM.


The command of interest is "pdm_bounce rpc_srvr"

  • Confirm the status of the RPC process.  One can find this using the pdm_status command, which can be filtered for RPC by running in an Admin Command Prompt on the SDM Server:

    Here we see that the process has a PID value of 7084, which is present in Task Manager:

    This is a java process, which is expected.

  • To cycle the process itself, run in an Admin Command Prompt on the same SDM Server as before
    pdm_bounce rpc_srvr
    Here, we will see:

  • Running the above pdm_status command again, we will see that the RPC process has regenerated automatically with a new PID (9672):

Additional Information

The above should be run on all SDM Servers that are expecting to execute web services or PAM integrations.  In a load balance scenario across multiple app servers, the above should be run on each app server.

Recommendation is to run the above on each app server individually and verify direct functionality for web services or PAM on the given app server before moving on to the next app server involved in Web services or PAM integration.