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Not able to edit working ASM monitor having POST data


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CA App Synthetic Monitor


We have a running ASM 'HTTP' monitor with POST body data. That is running fine but when we're saving it without any changes, it is showing error "Value is invalid" (attached screenshot).

FYI: we haven't modified anything in this request data section. Just opened the running monitor and clicked on save.



The problem is that the new binary data format is not supported on the old OPMS stations. Binary data format was added in 10.7 and monitor was tested on 10.6. Binary data is base64 encoded in the database and decoded on the OPMS. That's also a response to the question how to interpret the data when they uncheck the binary checkbox.


Release : SAAS

Component :


1) in text form as query string:
2) in text form separated by new lines:
3) anything else must be provided as binary data:
3.1) check binary checkbox - the request data text area will be replaced with an upload button
3.2) upload the data from the file
The request is rejected because the values in not in the form 1) or 2), they must use the binary form 3)