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Telemetry database login error on startup of CA Service Catalog


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CA Service Catalog


The MDBADMIN password has changed, and while an update to allows Catalog to log in, the Telemetry service tries to access the database with the wrong password. This should also be corrected, in case too many attempts lock the user out.


Release : 17.2

Component : SDM - Catalog


Telemetry object uses DB connection via mdb.deploy.usmpassword.
For your reference,
1.mdb.deploy.password is for a system admin (sa) user password to connect to the DB. This is SQL server system admin credentials.
mdb.deploy.user =sa
mdb.deploy.password =XXXXXXX
2. mdb.deploy.usmpassword is a lesser privileged user password (usmuser) who can access Catalog tables.This is a local user(mdbadmin) to perform SQL queries on mdb.
mdb.deploy.usmuser = mdbadmin
mdb.deploy.usmpassword = XXXXXXX
If you have changed the MDBADMIN password it means you have to update the  USM_HOME\, mdb.deploy.usmpassword value and restart the catalog services.