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+Work pop up scroll bar sluggish with a large number of tasks available


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Larger the number of tasks available for the user to add, the more visible it is the behavior of the scroll bar. A large number of tasks can be assigned or unassigned. As long as they are available for the user and appear on +Work popup, the issue is reproducible. 
The +Work Filter allows you to filter by All Tasks, Assigned Tasks, or Unassigned Tasks.
While the filtered criteria provide a high number of tasks, this issue is reproducible. 


1. Assign more than 1000 tasks to a user.
2. Ensure the user's track mode is PPM and is Open for Time entry
3. Log in to the Modern UX as the above user
4. Go to the Timesheets module
5. Select Work to timesheet and click on Create Timesheet
6. The +Work pop up appears with all assigned tasks
7. Try to move the vertical scroll bar up and down.

Expected Results: The scroll bar moves gracefully as it does when a small set of tasks are assigned
Actual Results: The scroll bar is sluggish, it gets stuck and is difficult to navigate across the list of tasks



This is caused by DE62465


Clarity 15.9.1 to 15.9.3


Workaround: Use the filtering criteria to narrow down the list of tasks that appear as selectable. Once the list of tasks is narrowed down, the scroll bar works steadily.

This is fixed in 16.0.0