After migrating Spectrum DSS to new servers and upgrading version to 10.4.3, cannot login to OneClick with HTTP 401 error


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All attempts to login to OneClick fail (both to the WEB GUI and client console):

with the following messages being generated in the OneClick server localhost_access log (under $SPECROOT/tomcat/logs/):

- - [08/Sep/2021:18:23:07 -0700] GET /spectrum/ HTTP/1.1 401 744 0

- - [08/Sep/2021:18:23:08 -0700] GET /favicon.ico HTTP/1.1 200 1150 15

- - [08/Sep/2021:18:24:27 -0700] GET /spectrum/oneclick.jnlp HTTP/1.1 401 748 0




Trying to connect from the OneClick server via Telnet to the Main Location Server (MLS) SpectroSERVER (port 14002) using the hostname of the MLS fails but when using the IP address, it succeeds. This shows that OneClick is not able to resolve the MLS with its hostname so the DNS is the problem. Spectrum uses the DNS to resolve the hostnames given to it during setup between OneClick and the MLS.

This can be a problem under Windows, where short hostname is used in Spectrum install and setup, however, DNS is setup to use Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN). Windows can attempt to resolve a short hostname using NetBIOS (if it is setup) and if it succeeds, will not redirect to DNS. So this means Spectrum is unable to reach the DNS to resolve the short hostname.


Release : 20.2
Component : Spectrum OneClick


Edit the ~/etc/hosts file on both the OneClick server & MLS and explicitly add the Hostnames & IP addresses for both so that they both can resolve each other. Then restart both MLS service and OneClick service. This should allow the OneClick server to connect to the MLS and successfully allow user logins.

If DNS is setup to use FQDN, then using the FQDN name for the Spectrum MLS and OneClick servers when installing, then the DNS will work. However, if it is installed using the short hostname, then you need to explicitly define this in ~/etc/hosts as Windows may not resolve it.

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