Shared Object feature for Managment Center


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Management Center Symantec


Users can create a shared object and utilize the object using MC VPM/CPL


Shared object categories that are available to be built in management center:


Create CPL Fragments

CPL policy fragments are reusable building blocks of CPL policy. Because fragments are not complete CPL policy, you do not deploy them to devices. You include them within policy that you deploy to devices.

Create a Category List

A category list is a named set of URL categories that can be easily referenced in policy. A category list allows you to assign an allow or deny condition to all the categories in one simple rule. Or, you can reuse the list in multiple policy rules.

Create a Category List Template

A category list template provides a starting point for defining which categories to include in a category list. The template contains a subset of the complete list of WebPulse categories. These categories are typically used to restrict the categories that a less-privileged user can select when creating a category list.

Create a URL List

URL lists allow you to easily create URL exceptions to your policy. The URL list can be easily included in your existing policy.

Create an IP Address List

Easily create IP address lists for use on the SSL Visibility appliance.

Manage List Triggers

When you create a URL or category list, Management Center includes sub conditions and associated triggers that are optimized for the type of URL or category entered. These triggers are enabled by default but you can disable some of them.

Create WAF Security Profile

A WAF Security Profile is a shared object that defines the Web Application Firewall settings for the associated WAF application object. The WAF Security Profile is assigned to one or more WAF applications that can be installed on ProxySG appliances to set the WAF policy.