High domsrvr memory usage when web services are involved.


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domsrvr.exe process on a given app server was approaching 7GB of RAM usage.  Have seen several instances of the slump server failing on our application servers since then.   Issue seems mainly on the app servers where web services were being leveraged.


The web services code being used sometimes winds up in a strange state when it calls "getListValues" but it doesn't call "freeListHandles". Based on an analysis of the jsrvr logs, handles are never released. This is something that is required to be released in the web services code, logging out from the web services session is not enough - there isn't a mechanism to clean them up automatically.


Release : 17.3

Component : Svc Desk Performance


One will need to re-check the given web services app and fix it to call the required freeListHandles for every doQuery and getListValues call.