How to display DESTID information?


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How to display the user data that was added to file using a DESTID statement. 

For example:

DESTID QDEST=DESTID1,                        
       FADDRES1='[email protected]',
       FADDRES2='SUBJECT=Test Email Subject' 

How to know if the above address values were added to a file?


Release : 14.0

Component : CA Spool


The command to display the DESTID information  is DD (Display Destid).

One of the possible syntaxes is against a particular file number:

/DDFnnnn   where nnnn was the file number.

Using the example from the introduction:

DESTID QDEST=DESTID1,                        
       FADDRES1='[email protected]',
       FADDRES2='SUBJECT=Test Email Subject' 
If the file 112 was created after the above DESTID was in effect:

Spool    (USERID )          All files              
Sub ESF  Nje          RN          RG       RU        
               * *        DESTID1  * *        *      
Action     Seqno Filename Dest     Q Form     Fcb    
             112 FILTEST1 DESTID1  D STD      6      

Then the command /DDF112 would display:

ESF890  DESTID QDEST=DESTID1,                 
ESF890   [email protected]
ESF890   FADDRES2='SUBJECT=Test Email Subject'
ESF890  END-OF-DISPLAY                        


The complete syntax of this command is in the link below: