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How to identify mount point from device IDs in system edge host monitoring in APMIA


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We have System EDGE host monitoring configured in the APMIA and are seeing a lot of Device IDs  reported under SystemManagement. However the Device ID group also shows some metrics called mount points which is a string value.

This application has got 100s of devices, how do we determine which mount point is coming from which device?



Release : 10.7.0, 20,x, 21.x

Component : APMIA


The device names displayed are based on the data returned by the SysEdge service. Well-known mounts get indexes from 1-18 and the index of *non* well-known mounts start at 51.

List of known mounts:            
1. /,
2. /bin,
3. /boot,
4. /dev,
5. /etc,
6. /home,
7. /lib,
8. /lib32,
9. /lib64,
10. /media,
11. /mnt,
12. /opt,
13. /root,
14. /sbin,
15. /srv,
16. /tmp,
17. /usr,
18. /var

For non well know mounts when SysEdge starts up it gives an index to the mounts, it will not change on restart or reboot. So whilst a filesystem of teh same non well known name may have a different index value between systems that nount pint will keep its value on it's own system.

Additional Information

If you wish to see these listed in one place without having to browse the UI then as with the device ids these are listed in the file /apmia/SystemEDGE/config/port1691/sysedge.mon e.g.

# SystemEDGE configuration file
# Copyright 2015 CA Technologies
# This file is automatically updated by SystemEDGE Agent.
# SystemEDGE version 5.9.30
# Wed Sep 15 07:59:44 2021

ipaddrlist {

mountindex {
  "/sys" 51

mountindex {
  "/proc" 52

  "/sys/kernel/security" 53