Modern UX - Timesheets - Non-workdays are not being highlighted


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Modern UX Timesheets are not highlighting non-workdays as expected.

Steps to Reproduce are as below:

  1. Navigate to Administration -> Base Calendars. Click on New. Provide Calendar Name
  2. Navigate to "Edit Calendar Exceptions" tab. Mark September 10th as Non-workday
  3. Navigate to Home -> Resources. Click on a resource. Click on "Calendar" tab
  4. Browse for Base Calendar. Choose the calendar created in Step 1. Save
  5. Navigate to the Modern UX Timesheets
  6. Click on the icon "Select resource to enter time" in the "My Timesheet" tab
  7. Search for the resource from Step 3. Click on view. Add Task if not present already. Use the time period navigator to view the time period that contains September 10th

Expected Result: September 10th is marked as a non-workday

Actual Result: September 10th is not marked as a non-workday in Modern UX. Note that Classic UI Timesheet does mark it as a non-workday


Due to a defect with ID DE62451.


Version: 15.9.3


The defect is currently being reviewed by the Product Management team.