Best Practices to Migrate DLP version of Enforce installed in Veritas Clustering Services.


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Data Loss Prevention


Veritas Clustering Services (VCS) provides high availibity for DLP Enforce in active/passive mode, where two Enforce servers are installed and connected within VCS to manage the services availability. We often get queries on how to perform upgrade on the second Enforce when the DB and first Enforce node in VCS is already upgraded to the latest version.

This note explains the plan in detail on how to perform Enforce Upgrade when installed in VCS Cluster.


Pre Requisites:

  • Make sure node 1 and nodes 2 are in healthy state from VCS perspective.
  • Run URT for latest version and check for DB readiness.
  • Create Reinstall Resources for current version as backup.
  • Take full backup of Oracle DB before Migration.


  • 3 tier architecture.
  • Oracle Installed in another VCS cluster or in Oracle RAC.
  • DLP Enforce installed on node 1 and node 2 in VCS.


Considering that, you have a clean URT and full DB backup taken.

  • Ask User to freeze the cluster in VCS so that when services are off they do not switch to node 2 automatically.
  • On Node1 install DLP software and make sure the Oracle Home/ path is set accordingly.
  • Start Migration steps as per DLP upgrade guide.
  • Complete the Phase 1 and Phase 2 migration on Node1.
  • Check and confirm DLP Enforce on Node1 is migrated successfully.
  • Create Reinstallation Resources of migrated DLP software for Backup.
  • Ask VCS Admin to take the Node1 offline in VCS.
  • Login to Node2 and make sure that DLP services on Node2 is not started automatically. (This is Important).
  • Install DLP software on Node2 and make sure Oracle Home/ path is set accordingly.
  • Start Migration of DLP software as per steps provided in upgrade guide.
  • Complete the Phase 1 and Phase 2 migration on Node2.  (Note: the migration will skip the changes which are already done in DB and it will only migrate the software.)
  • Check and confirm DLP Enforce on Node 2 is migrated successfully.
  • Once both nodes are migrated successfully, the VCS admin can unfreeze the cluster and bring both nodes in cluster (Active/passive) mode again.
  • You can also check by moving the services in VCS from Node2 to Node1 and vice versa.