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Gen Web View Arabic application truncated on right & no horizontal scroll-bar


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CA Gen Web View application for Arabic language/dialect which has been migrated from CA Gen Web Generation
The web pages are very dense with fields.
Not all fields appear when the resolution of the screen changes or when the browser window size is reduced i.e. there is truncation of fields from the right edge and there is no horizontal bar at the bottom of the browser window.


This behaviour is related to the fact that Web View applications only partially support bi-directional languages i.e. there is limited support for languages written right-to-left (RTL), like Arabic:
CA Gen 8.6 > Developing > Designing > Use Gen Studio > Work with Web View > Use Existing Models in Web View > Bi-directional Language Support


Release : 8.6



Engineering researched extensively to try to find a resolution to this display problem but has concluded that it cannot be resolved within the RTL language limitations of the current Web View design per above. Therefore Engineering will document it for consideration as a future enhancement.

In the meantime the possible workarounds are:
1. Put any window controls that are currently hidden on the extreme left and don't put any window controls on the extreme right.
2. Use Gen partner IET's product Rapide:
Rapide provides RTL language support for web applications. In addition, for a better user experience across multiple device sizes from phones up to large screens, it supports responsive design which means that the position and size of controls can be adjusted by the runtime to fit within the device size. This contrasts to the standard Gen application where fixed window sizes are designed which can result in too small a window on a large device or lots of scrolling on a small device. Please contact IET for further details.