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REORG utility does not flag all data when keep last is used


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Reorg and unload do not purge amounts of data that are defined in UC_UTILITY_REORG. For example, AH in UC_UTILITY_REORG is set to:

TRUE 0030 TRUE 0050

The first "TRUE" says that the reorg should flag cases older than a certain amount of days
0030 says that the amount of days is 30 (today minus 30 days)
The second "TRUE" says that the reorg should keep a certain number of statistics (beyond the amount of days to keep)
0050 says that the number of statistics that should be kept (beyond the amount of days to keep) should be 50

Based on that, there should be at least 50 statistical entries per object that is specified here, even if these entries are older than the 30 days that have been specified. However, there are more than 50 records kept per object. Is this by design and how can it be explained?




Release : 12.X



The reorg tool will keep the amount of records defined in the Keep Last setting that are older than the days defined in the keep days setting.

For example, if the keep days setting is set to 30 and the keep last setting is set to 5, this means there will be 5 records kept that are older than the 30 days

If you run a task monthly and have the keep days setting set to 30 days (keeping 1 month) and the keep last setting set to 5, then 6 records will be kept (the one run from within the last 30 days and the 5 runs beyond that, which corresponds to the keep last setting)


The baseline is AH_Timestamp4 in AH table in the database. No records younger than (AH_Timestamp4-(days to keep)) will be touched, or included in any calculation

As stated in the documentation:

Reorg statistics older than
All statistical data that is older than the specified number of days will be reorganized.
in conjunction with

Keep last
By using this option, you can specify that the last n statistical records of each object that should be reorganized will be kept.

Together with

At least the defined number of statistical records will be kept for all objects that should be reorganized. All statistical records that are older and exceed the specified number in the keep last setting will be flagged for deletion.

According to the documentation of AE DB Reorg, all statistical records for an object that are older AND exceed the specified number will be flagged for deletion. All other records are younger than 2021.07.24 are not taken into account.