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WCC Users getting kicked back to the login screen


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CA Workload Automation AE - System Agent (AutoSys)


Customer has F5 (GTM) load balancer configuration with 6 WCC nodes under it.  This was setup to do a DNS Round Robin load balancing.

The behavior that's seen is, a user tries to login to WCC.  The same request or in a minute or two or more, the user gets kicked out of the WCC session and ends up on the WCC login page again. 


Session Stickiness was not setup properly on the load balancer.

For WCC to function properly in such a configuration, we expect Session Stickiness to be enabled on the Load balancer.  Our recommendation is to use Session Stickiness based on HTTP cookie WCC-ASID  that WCC can keep track of.   Such HTTP header based stickiness can be enforced on HTTP load balancers (F5's  LMT, Apache Web Server etc.,).  However F5's GMT is a different module and does not directly relate to HTTP sessions but more on load balancing of DNS request handling.

(To narrow the scope, we changed the Load balancing configuration to hit only one WCC node and that made the WCC user sessions not timeout/kicked out) 


Release : 12.0



On the F5 GMT load balancing configuration, customer already had  Round Robin balancing method.  On this method,  Persistence option needed to be Enabled.

Once this is enabled, the WCC user sessions were sticking to the same node against which the original request was made, there by achieving similar stickiness as  HTTP's WCC-ASID.

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