NM File Transfer Schedule fails with Connect Direct to 6.1


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NetMaster File Transfer Management


After the upgrade to C:D 6.1 we are encountering an issue where the file transfer schedules fail to show completed transfers because the END stat never comes into NetMaster.

We can see in the file transfer schedule logs that it sees the START of the transfer as those start records are present when looking at stats. However, the END record is never recorded by Netmaster is some cases and therefore those particular file transfer schedules are left hanging and eventually fail because it doesn't know the file already came in. 

Please advise what if any information you may need for this issue. It 'should' be easy to duplicate. I notice it happens more with transfers that contain runtasks. 

I did see this PTF out there, but this doesn't appear to be our issue. LU02135.BIN



Release : 12.2

Component : CA NetMaster File Transfer Management


LU02135 is indeed the solution, although the description may be misleading, but the symptoms will match: 

File Transfer Rulesets fail to trigger for Connect:Direct V6.0 and above.

When going from C:D 5.2 to C:D 6.0 or later versions, IBM made some major changes to statistics record types, which included “swap” of PNODE and SNODE in the CDz Stats CT records.
The Netmaster code did not work with this change, so a fix was written to utilize the correct records for C:D 6.0 and above.