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Processes auto-starting even though start condition is not met


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Clarity PPM SaaS


Since upgrading to 15.9.2 the client has discovered that processes on a Project are being triggered even though start conditions have not been met.  The processes are triggered if the user doesn't change any values but clicks save on a Project subobject instance.  As per the client has checked all start conditions.  Whilst there were some that had != null in the start conditions, there were none that have calculated or aggregated attributes in the start conditions. We have modified any that had != null however the issue persists.


Release : 15.9.2



Once we narrowed to specific process which was triggering unexpected and causing other process to start below steps were taken to resolve this issue:

1. In the start condition of the process it had custom attribute based on the lookup where NSQL was different from the one registered by audit function/trigger.

2. Audit Function/trigger was removed by DBA and attribute was moved to audited attributes which recreated trigger and function with correct NSQL.
3. BG was restarted after function/trigger.
4. Removed project object as linked object in the process