B37-04 abend in CAPLARCH


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Running CAPLARCH (The archive job for SMR to move DAILY files to the archive status) and receiving a B37-04 abend. There is plenty of space available to allocate the files. How do I resolve this?


z/OS any level

SMR 3.4 any service pack


Sometimes the allocation specified in the AUNIT and APRIMARY values are not specific enough. The default allocation internally is always going to be TRACKS (TRK).

The write process is failing with the B37, maybe because there are a lot of blank values in the DAILY file or the DAILY file is in many extents and the primary allocation is insufficient. Possibly the secondary allocation is also not large enough.

You can add the option :   ASPACE=CYL  to allocate the primary space in cylinders instead of tracks and this will probably relieve the problem if the original APRIMRY=  value is not sufficient in tracks,

The ASPACE= value is not documented but uses the same values as the SPACE= option does for the DAILY file allocations.