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CA Identity Suite


While going through the Documentation for IGA Upgrade, I can see that for Identity Governance, its suggested to Use JBOSS 7.2 instead of 6.4, and to Migrate on IG, we need Layer 7 Migration tool.

Rather for JBOSS Migration from 6.4 to 7.2, on Identity Portal, we need IGA Migration tool.



1) Can we not use IGA Migration tool for Identity Governance as well?

2) Where and HOW to Download Layer 7 Migration Tool.


Release : 14.3

Component :


The first iteration of the tool was called Layer7 Migration Tool, it has been updated to:

It can be found here:


The Migration tool does not migrate JMS message data. For Identity Manager, all Identity Manager Admin Tasks need to be in a state that does not depend on an Event message to continue processing. These states include: Pending Workflow Approval, Completed, Failed, Partially Completed, Scheduled, and Cancelled. All other Identity Manager Tasks that are in progress rely on JMS messages in the Identity Manager Event Queue for continued processing will not be migrated. Those tasks will need to be resubmitted after migration.

The patch contains the following files:
● Symantec_migrate_tool.bat