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LiveUpdate Administrator not distributing updates, unable to login to the console


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Endpoint Protection


Intermittently, once or twice a week, the LiveUpdate Administrator server stops distributing updates. When trying to log in, hangs and does not log in. Restarting the server returns it to function for a time.


 A problem with accessing the local download folder (Default: "C:\ProgramData\Symantec\LiveUpdate Administrator\Downloads\") causes this hang.


Complete a soft reset of the LiveUpdate Administrator (LUA) server to clear out any residuals using the attached "lua_content_reset.cmd" file (attached).

  1. Stop the LUA tomcat service
  2. Copy the attached cmd file (lua_content_reset.cmd) to LUA installation directory and execute it.
    1. The cmd file contains the default port number (7072) for DB queries so if the execution fails and it is found that postgres is not running on 7072 then replace the port number in the cmd file with appropriate value.
  3. Delete all files in the LUA downloads directory
    1. Default path is "C:\ProgramData\Symantec\LiveUpdate Administrator\Downloads\"
  4. Delete all files on all distribution centers
    1. Default distribution centers store files in ".\clu-prod\" and ".\clu-test\"
    2. Custom distribution centers are usually remote servers, and instructions will depend on their configuration.
  5. Delete all files from temporary directory
    1. Default path is "C:\TempDownload\"
  6. Restart Postgres service and start LUA tomcat service

This reset cleans the schedules and product configurations.

NOTE: Do not import anything from any other LUA. Manually reconfigure the tasks and monitor the events.


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