Spool - Reports not removed from spool queues once in CA Spool


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We are having an issue with some reports that once they are sent into the CA Spool database, they are not removed from the JES spool, as it used to happen.

The normal way until now it is: once the reports get into CA Spool, they are automatically removed from the spool queue, preventing JES2 from getting full with useless outputs. It has been working this way for years. And it keeps working fine for most of the reports, but, there are some of them that they are kept in the JES spool.

Can you help us in finding a fix for this issue?


Release : 12.0

Component : CA Spool


The client's analyst resolved the problem in removing the call to ZPROCIN and ZPROCFI, which were deemed as useless in this case. 
The client believed the problem to be more related to JES2 than to CA Spool, and asked to close the case.