Sizelimit Exceeded when attempting to explore a JNDI DYN endpoint


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CA Identity Suite CA Identity Manager


We have recently upgraded Identity Manager to version 14.4.

Since then, when attempting to explore a DYN JNDI endpoint, the following error appears

ETA_E_0257<EAC>, Error listing Default Container objects: Connector Server Search failed: failed on search operation: [email protected]: [LDAP: error code 4 - Sizelimit Exceeded] (ldaps://xxxxxx:20411)

The same endpoint was explored correctly with an older Identity Manager version.


Code changes done in IM 14.4 when it comes to performances in exploration. Two additional attributes have been added, which have a direct impact on the search capacity.

By default, eTPaginationEnabled is set to 0 and eTPageSize is set to 1000


Release : 14.4

Component : IdentityMinder(Identity Manager)


The new parameters eTPaginationEnabled and eTPageSize are not exposed in the UI.

Utilizing an LDAP Browser, these should adjusted to enable pagination all together, by setting eTPaginationEnabled to 1, for each endpoint.

The default values are as follow: