Hub Error in ARD Desktop Studio client


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CA Agile Requirements Designer


Recently installed and configured ARD application ard_launcher-3.1.1.

Created sample project in ARD UI and trying to connect to ARD Hub from ARD Studio client. Getting below error message.

"You are connecting to an older version of Agile Requirements Designer Hub. This is an unsupported scenario. Please update Agile Requirements Designer Hub before continuing."


ARD Studio Client is not backward compatible and an later version of ARD Studio( in this case) cannot connect to older version of ARD Hub(3.0.2 in this case)


Release : 3.1

Component : Hub (Docker)



The ARD hub version is of lower version(3.0.2) which is not compatible with the ARD Studio client Looks like, the script for ARD HUB 3.0 version was used.

Confirm that the images and installation script is from the 3.1.2 version.

Load the images again and run the installation.

Below documentation links would help.