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Load DWH Job fails with error


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The PPM DB was copied from Production to a non-production environment. The DWH DB was not copied. We are running the Load Data Warehouse job now to populate the DWH DB. However, it is failing with the following error message in the bg-dwh.log:

2040/21/35 06:39:25 - ClarityDB - isOracle? - [CA Clarity][Oracle JDBC Driver][Oracle]ORA-20100: ENCOUNTERED EXCEPTION IN DWH_DIM_LOAD (DWH_RDM_PICKLIST). SQLERRM : ORA-01400: cannot insert NULL into ("CLARITYDWH"."DWH_RDM_PICKLIST"."PICKLIST_CONTEXT_KEY")


Meta Data mismatch between PPM and DWH DBs.


Version: 15.8.0.


While refreshing non-production environments with Production data, both the PPM and the DWH DBs have to be copied over. Only copying the PPM DB can result in meta data mismatch, which in turn causes the Load Data Warehouse job to fail.

Refresh the DWH DB with a backup from Production to resolve this issue.