UIM 20.3 - OC alarm viewer "Alarm by Severity" filter explained


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


The “Alarm by Severity” flag from the alarm viewer in OC represents a “higher” filter.


In UIM 20.3.3 July patch, (with or without the latest Operator console patch ump_operatorconsole-2.1.0-T5.zip)  there is a flag that appears when you click the alarm graph severity.


Example: you click the Major alarms in the “open alarms” graph in OC:


When this flag appears, it correctly shows which alarm severity is filtered.


This flag appears only when you click a bar from the alarm graph from the OC homepage

With < ump_operatorconsole-2.1.0-T5.zip, this is where that Severity flag shows when clicking the alarm Bar: [see: Severity: Major]


With > ump_operatorconsole-2.1.0-T5.zip the flag has been moved so it is showing down there instead:

How does this work in combination with the alarm filters? 



Release : UIM / OC 20.3.3 



This flag is a higher filter that has higher precedence. 

The additional alarm filters added will stay below this higher filter.  


If adding new filters while the Severity flag is still displayed the lower filters will actually show in "column filters" but the original Flag will remain and it adds an additional higher filter.




  1. Access OC Home page and click the alarm bar (for example, Warning Severity alarms)

  1. OC will take you to a filtered Alarm view where only warning Severity alarms are displayed (that is ok and is expected and working fine)
  2. If clicking the "-" button next to the flag the alarm filter will go away as expected.
  3. Howerver, if we don't click the "-" and we start working with alarm filters the filters are applied but the filters will only apply to the previously filtered alarms. For example, we only filter Critical alarms, no critical alarms will be shown, as the higher filter will take place: [Major alarms]

  1. If we click the "-" on the higher filter the correct Critical Only alarms will be shown (as we have removed the higher filter)

The filter applied when clicking from the Alarm Bar Graph is an additional higher filter that takes precedence to the actual alarm filters.