REVMGR-20971 creating Cost Plans that "Populate From Allocations"


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While trying to create a cost plan which end date exceeds the end of 2022, it will pop up an error:

REVMGR-20971: Fiscal time periods do not exist, or are inactive for the investment's scheduled dates. Either change the investment dates, or create and activate the missing time periods

How can I create a cost plan that spans further than 2022?



There are no active periods from 2022 onwards


When creating a financial plan you will only be able to select fiscal time periods that are active.

Steps to create/activate Fiscal Time Periods further than 2022:

1. Look at the Investment Department OBS Unit to determine the name of the associated Entity
2. Navigate to Administration > Finance > Setup > Entities
3. Click on the Entity name > 'Fiscal Time Periods' tab
4. On the Fiscal Time Periods tab, check the available periods. Only the periods that are active are available for cost plans.
5. If you have inactive periods after 2022, activate them. Otherwise, if those do not exist, you will need to create and activate them.