Clarity PPM: Hyperlinks missing after a certain number of records when Export to Excel (data Only)


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Clarity PPM SaaS


When a portlet with huge number of records having hyperlinks are exported to excel (data only), not all records are exported with hyperlinks. 

The hyperlinks are missing and they show up as text fields.  


Steps To Reproduce: 

1. Login to Clarity PPM 

2. Identify a portlet which has more than 25k records and atleast 3 columns with hyperlinks

3. Export to Excel (data only)

Expected: All 25k records are exported with hyperlinks present in all the 3 columns 

Actual: Majority of the rows are exported with hyperlinks but from a certain record, the hyperlinks goes missing and is only text fields.


This is a limitation imposed by Microsoft.

Microsoft supports only 65,530 records with hyperlinks in Excel. 

So in the above example with 3 columns with hyperlinks

21,843 rows * 3 = 65,529 + 1 record in 21,844th row with hyperlink = 65,530 rows will have hyperlinks and rest all records will be text fields without hyperlinks.