Rally: Switching between Saved Views are not returning the results


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CA Agile Central SaaS (Rally)


Under Portfolio items, when user has multiple Saved Views, navigating between the Saved views does not returns the expected results


Steps to Reproduce:

1. Navigate to Portfolio - Portfolio items (any grid page)

2. Make sure there are atleast 100+ Portffolio Items

3. Perform a search which returns more than one page results.

4. Save the Search View

5. Perform a different search and save the View as well

6. Navigate to the first saved view which has more than one page results

7. Navigate to the second page of the results and open a portfolio item which has a child user story in it.

8. Click on the child user story and click the back button which takes you to the previous screen.

9. In the Saved views, select, the second saved view.

Expected: When switching between the Saved Views, the expected results should show up

Actual: The page comes back saying there are no results. When the whole page is refreshed, it does show up the results. 



This is currently being reviewed by Rally Engineering team - DE61483