Rotation of arcotuds.log


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CA Advanced Authentication - Strong Authentication (AuthMinder / WebFort)


The manageability of the arcotuds.log is required for better readability and searchability of arcotuds.log events.


The size of a single arcotuds.log can grow very large and make it hard to read the arcotuds.log as a single huge file



Release : All AA Releases

Component : RiskMinder(Arcot RiskFort)


AA makes the arcotuds.log manageable by allowing configuration to create smaller fixed sized logs that are rolled of and backed up in the original logs directory.

Use udsserver.ini file (in <ARCOT_HOME\conf directory) to configure to capture rolled off logs in smaller chunks. For example below in chunks of  say 10 MB. On reaching that 10 MB size the current arcotuds.log is saved as arcotuds.log.N. Where N is a backup index. Note MaxBackupIndex is also set in the file to specify the maximum backup files to keep.

So for the example settings below in udsserver.ini --- The arcotuds.log has 10 MB chunks and 100 such most recent chunks are kept. 

Refer to these two screen shots for guidance.

Screenshot #1 - udsserver.ini file

Screenshot #2  - Showing how arcotuds.log.N files are rolled off and backed in the logs directory  (in the screenshot - not all 1-100 files are shown)


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