Status Report Cost Metrics Secured Budget field shows as $0


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Clarity PPM SaaS


On the Status module, when you have the Cost Metrics field Total Project Budget secured, the Cost shows as $0 but the rest of the line still shows.


The attribute is secured in MUX, 

Reported as DE62440

If the attribute is secured on MUX then the whole line including the text should be suppressed.


Here are the Steps to Reproduce:

 1. Make sure you have a project with a detailed budget.
 2. In MUX on Administration / Attributes mark the field on the Project object: budget_cst_total as secured
 3. In MUX go to the project with the budget (in step 1)
 4. Go to the Status Module (add it to the blueprint if not showing)
 5. On the Status Module add Cost Metrics if it is not showing.

 Expected Results: The whole line for Total Project Budget does not show.

Actual Results: The line still shows but the cost shows as $0


Release : 15.9.3

Component : Clarity MUX UI Usability


Reported as DE62440 and will be addressed in a future release.