What is the max allowable size for an AUDIT dataset?


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What is the max allowable size I can make these AUDIT datasets ?   


Release : 16.0

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Volumes can support greater than 65k tracks, but trying to initialize an Audit File larger than that - without the PTF - will cause an abend. 

Please apply LT00423 fix which adds support for Audit Tracking File larger than 65K tracks. 

The maximum size of the Audit Tracking File (ATF) is only limited to the maximum size of the volume. Multi volume support is not supported for the Audit Tracking File dataset. The Audit Tracking File dataset can only be on one volume. 

As to what size the ATF should be: the size depends on what is being audited, which varies depending on client needs/requirements and activity. If the initial ATF wraps too often, then you could allocate a bigger one and/or use two audit files. Two audit datasets don’t have to reside on one volume, but each individual dataset can be on its own volume and can not be spanned over multiple volumes.