Using Async statement with response handling of Poll targeting CICS servers within Gen


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Gen - Workstation Toolset


When attempting to use the Async statement within a Gen client module, with Response handling of 'Poll', when executed the request is accepted but no polling occurs. 




Release : 8.6

Component : CA Gen Run Time, Distributed


When targeting  Gen z/OS 'Cobol' servers from Gen clients, Gen does not support Async calls to z/OS using the 'Poll' Response Handling.  

Currently we only allow using the the Async 'No response' handling method.   For this, the only checking done is within the 'Use Async' call itself (i.e. accepted or not accepted).  We don't provide or expose the reason if the statement is not accepted.  Also, in this configuration of targeting a z/OS CICS Gen server, users cannot use the 'Get Async Response' call as the 'Use Async' is only 'No response' as stated above.