MUX Per Period Metrics not spreading Totals correctly for FTE


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  • When using FTE in Per Period Metrics and updating the Totals it will not spread correctly to TSV periods but copy the same amount all across
  • We should be able to enter ETC in the totals column in Assignments, and we expect the application dynamically spread the allocation across the remaining periods in the current view
  • However when we update the Totals it just sets the ETC to the same value and does not spread it:

  • This also happens on other screens and metrics with FTE


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This is working by design.

  • FTE is not meant to spread in the TSV - Month columns as FTE is "full time equivalent". If you say FTE 2 that means 2 people worth of ETC
  • If you put in a 2, it will spread 2 across all periods. This is because FTE is not a "real" metrics number.
  • If the user needs to be able to spread the amounts, they have to use Hours/Days instead in Profile - Settings in Modern UX