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CA Endevor SCM receiving C1G0119E footprint compromised error during move


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Endevor Software Change Manager (SCM)


I have a source type that produces an object module.  I have another type that picks up that object module and produces a load module.  These work all the way up to the final move to PROD at which point, the Link type finds a footprint error on the Source type.  The BSTCOPY step is failing with C1G0119E with FOOTPRNT=VERIFY on the input. 



Release : 18.1, 18.0

Component : CA Endevor Software Change Manager


There were two elements with the same name but with different types. The move processor of one was failing during the footprint verification of a member with the footprint of the other type. Footprint verification confirms the member has the footprint from the element being processed. The solution is to move the member in the processor of the same type. 

Possible workarounds are to remove FOOTPRINT=VERIFY from input member or lower severity of C1G0119E to C1G0119W under Optional Feature Table (ENCOPTBL).    

Additional Information

FOOTPRNT=VERIFY verifies the footprint in an existing library member corresponds to the current level of the element being processed. This statement is generally used in the move processor to verify the element against the CA Endevor SCM Master Control File before the element is moved or transferred.