User ID is showing instead of Full Name in User Console


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CA Identity Manager


We have specified %FULL_NAME% (which corresponds to physical LDAP attribute displayName) in our head.jsp

<div id="username">
    <% if (!suppressTaskNavigation) { %>
        <skin:img styleId="show-menu" altKey="console.showMenu" titleKey="console.showMenu" s
    <% } %>
    <skin:userattribute attribute="%FULL_NAME%" />

as described in this link:

However the attribute value that shows up when a user logs into the User Console it appears to show their %USER_ID% well-known attribute (corresponds to physical LDAP attribute uid)

We would like to use %FULL_NAME% in our 14.4. environment.



Release : 14.4

Component : IdentityMinder(Identity Manager)


Index.jsp allows for userID or Full_Name. FullName not working and going back to UserID was caused by incorrect mapping of attribute and customizations from 12.x being pulled over to this new 14.4.  

Add needed attribute like %Full_Name% or %LAST_NAME% into file which is available into "..\\<iam_im.ear_locaion>\config\com\netegrity\config" location. Once completed please restart and login to IM.  You will now see the desired attribute on the top right when you login to IM.