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When trying to access the Support Portal for the first time the following error is seen: "Grant not available. Please contact Admin"


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CA Agile Central SaaS (Rally)


 User is unable to access Rally Support directly from Rally to create a ticket/case.  Can you please help him?  Attached is a screenshot of what he sees.  Can also be seen as "Attention you don't have any sites to access".



Can also be seen as "Attention you don't have any sites to access".


Please make sure the user is logged into Rally first then opens a new tab to do the following:

Login to

Click on 'Semiconductor' title

Click on the 'Product Downloads' It will redirect you to a page after checking the available capability with the message: "Please Click Here to upgrade to Enterprise User. "

Upon clicking the link it will take you to the "upgrade page" where necessary details have to be provided and request submitted.

After the upgrade is successful, you can open navigate back to:

If the above instructions do not fix the issue, please have the user call 1-800-225-5224 so our GCA team can assist.