Timeout settings for agent based data collection if descoping is turned off in CCS.


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Control Compliance Suite (CCS)

You would like to disable the functionality of Descoping agents on a data collection run, but you would like to have an estimate on how much longer your Data Collection or Collection-Evaluation-Reporting (CER) jobs will take since it will not be skipping agents that have been marked as unreachable (marked red in the CCS console agent view) in previous data collection scans.


Release : 12.5

Component : CCS Data collection jobs, CER Jobs


In case the CCS agent descoping is removed, then following timeouts come into play: 

1. The default minimum retry count is 5. So for job submission, 5 attempts will be made to connect and submit the job.

2. Connection with the agent is attempted in the following fallback order by the CCS Manager

  • agent proxy name, if defined.
  • agent contact name field, if defined and not same with earlier name field used.
  • hostname field, if defined and not the same with earlier name fields used.
  • FQDN field, if defined and not the same with earlier name fields used.
  • IP address(es) field, if defined

NOTE: Time out for each connection attempt is 90 seconds. 

3. Between each retry attempt, there is a sleep time of 2 seconds.

4. The timeouts are not configurable 

Additional Information

How to turn off Descoping agents and include unreachable agents in CCS scans:

To include unreachable agents in data collection job scope