iSeries robot - Operator Console displaying wrong device/robot name


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One of the iSeries devices is displaying the wrong device name. The robot name is correct. I believe the IP address had changed. How can I make the necessary corrections so that "device name" and "robot" are the same?


Release : 20.3

Component : UIM - ROBOT


  1. Restarted robot so we could edit the robot via raw config.
  2. Edited the robot.cfg to make sure the robotip parameter was set to the expected IP address.
  3. Selected the controller probe.
  4. Opened the probe utility by pressing Ctrl-P.
  5. Selected Expert Mode and clicked Ok.
  6. Ran the controller probe callbacks to clean the niscache and reset the robot device id.

Afterwards, the robot IP address persisted and no longer changed after a few minutes.