“Error received from agent: ERRORED” when running a data collection on CCS agents.


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Control Compliance Suite (CCS)

When running a data collection scan on a Linux agent with a large File System, the following error would sometimes be reported:

“Error received from agent: ERRORED”


The agent ran out of disk space to store the temporary files for the CCS scan.

The agent was running a couple custom checks in a Standard that would report on how many world-writable and unowned files were on the system.  Since this server had shared drives with millions of files, just one check was collecting information on all unowned files and producing temporary file on the agent which equaled over 7 GB in size (average 1k bytes temp disk space per unowned file discovered by the scan), and the agent was running out of free disk space (it had less than 3 GB free space available).


Release : CCS 12.5.x

Component : CCS Unix\Linux agent


Can be resolved a couple of ways:

  • Determine which custom checks that are causing the problem (run them one at a time until to narrow it down) and then remove those checks from being run on those agent(s).
  • Increase the free space on the agent to accommodate the about of temporary space that will be needed to be able to run the selected checks.
  • Customize the checks to exclude specific directories that contain a large amount of files.