Fan failed on storage array


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Security Analytics


Security Analytics storage arrays contain canisters for fans.  There are two canisters, one on the left and one on the right.  It is possible that these fan canisters will fail.  If they do fail, you will get an error message that the fan has failed and it should indicate whether it is the left or the right canister as seen below:


Failure Entry 1: FAILED_FAN-Recovery Failure Type Code: 1

Storage array: xxxxxxxxxx
Component reporting problem: Fan canister Right
Status: Failed
Location: Controller/Drive tray 0 (or tray 99)
Component requiring service: Fan
Service action (removal) allowed: No Service action LED on component: No


Dell MD3860 storage array

Netapp E-5600 series storage array


Generate a support log bundle from the array and contact technical support in order to get a replacement fan canister.  The fan canister is hot swappable.  

To replace the fan canister, the canister should first be prepared for removal.  On the back of the canister, there are three LED lights as shown below

1. Fan Power LED (Green)
2. Fan Service Action Required LED (Amber)
3. Fan Service Action Allowed LED (Blue)

To prepare the fan canister for removal, follow these steps:

  1. Launch SANtricity
  2. Select the storage array in question
  3. Go to Hardware in the menu
  4. Select Prepare for Removal
  5. For Tray, select Controller/Drive Tray 0 or Tray 99 (Dell vs. Netapp)
  6. For Component, select Fan canister (Right) or Fan canister (Left) depending on what the logs are reporting 
  7. Click Prepare for Removal
  8. You should get a message with an OK button.
  9. There should be a blue LED light on the fan canister indicating that it is safe to remove as seen below.

  1. Remove the fan canister from the drive tray by pressing on the tab holding the fan canister in place, and then pull the fan canister toward you.
  2. Use the fan canister handle to pull the fan canister out of the controller-drive tray

Slide the replacement fan canister all the way into the controller-drive tray, and then move the fan canister so that the tab on the fan canister latches.  Then confirm the status of the storage array in SANtricity and make sure all is showing Optimal.