Pass username and password in standalone dashboard URL in UIM 20.3


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


I created a custom dashboard with dashboard designer.

Is it possible to pass username and password in the published standalone URL as it was done in UMP? 

I'd like to embed login authorization information in the dashboard URL. 



Release : 20.3

Component :


First create the standalone URL from a dashboard, in the dashboard designer. 

The quickest way is to:

1. Open a dashboard in Dashboard Designer in in UIM OC 20.3

2. Go to Live view or on the published Dashboard, and click the View Full screen:

3. Copy the URL from the browser




4.  ADD at the end of the URL the following syntax:



An example URL would be:

Additional Information

If Using UMP in UIM 20.1 or earlier:

UIM- How to pass the login to standalone dashboard portlet in UMP (