Regenerate expired SSL certificate for the iCSP Web Console Certificate via Shell Script


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Industrial Control System Protection


Although ICSP provides command to regenerate expired SSL certificate for Web Console, it is a tedious task to regenerate SSL certificate on huge number of ICSP Scanner Devices


Industrial Control System Protection Neural (iCSP Neural) 6.x


The shell script that is attached to this document will allow you to regenerate expired SSL certificate for ICSP Web Console

Details: Attached archive contains 3 files –, and scanner_list

scanner_list – contains the details of scanners in a comma separated list for each scanner device, one per line
                        IP Address, admin password, hostname . E.g.,[email protected],neural-123456 – This is main script which will invoke for each scanner – This script will accept IP Address, admin password and hostname and will execute regenerate SSL certificate for Web Console

How to Execute
1. Unzip the attached archive in a folder.
2. Add all the scanner details in scanner_list file as mentioned in details above 
3. Run file
 $ unzip
 $ chmod 755
 $ vi scanner_list <<< add scanner details
 $ ./

Pre-requisites –
Linux or Mac system with bash shell and ‘expect’ installed.

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